Integration of 150 young in agriculture in Benin

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The project is an initiative of the NGO RESCUE AND HOPE which annually aims not only to insert 150 young professional in the field agriculture in Benin but also to enable them to create income-generating activities or businesses. They offer training in agro-pastoral sector, technical capacity of reinforcements, Business Management and material and financial support in view of their total integration in agriculture.


Benin is a predominantly young country.70% of young are unemployed and live in a huge poverty lack of training adapted to the job market.However, the agricultural sector offers a variety of activities such as plant, animal, the processing of agricultural products and generates a lot of jobs.Faced with poverty and youth unemployment, RESCUE AND HOPE began to integrate in Benin year 150 young people in the agricultural sector to help them remain and make them creators of wealth and employment.


Training and capacity enhancements various (technical production and processing of agricultural products) are given to young.They allow integrating 150 young people in agriculture. The provision of agricultural machinery and processing equipment 150 young will create their business and professional installation. Training on the administrative and financial management and the establishment of a dynamic marketing system for 150 young promotes the sale and distribution of 80% of their production.

Long-Term Impact

The project will directly affect 150 young people and help them out of poverty, unemployment and hunger. Indirectly, friends and young families enjoy the fallen of the project. Businesses created by young generate at least three direct jobs and many activities; will reduce the unemployment rate to 55% of young people in the town and about 500 people impacted. This project will change the social status and financial autonomy of young people; contribute to sustainable development of Benin.